What does it take to rank on our U.S. Download Leader charts? 

We analyzed nearly 200 apps to find out.

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Learn the 5 strategies driving growth:

  1. Playing offense on Search Ads
  2. Curating the right Ad Network mix
  3. Opting for experiential rewards in loyalty programs
  4. Partnering with brands that have a fanbase > audience
  5. Bringing new users along the ideal customer journey



Outsmart your competition.

We don't just tell you what works; we show you how to apply it:

The full report shows you:
    • How to set up offensive and defensive search ad strategies
    • The opportunity cost of optimizing for organic search only
    • How to follow the new leader Temu testing different Ad Networks for ROAS during its launch
    • Performance trends for transactional reward campaigns vs. experiential reward campaigns within loyalty programs
    • Opportunities in gaming and metaverse partnerships to drive engagement
    • Activity loops that create compounding value and stickiness for the user

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